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Peerless is a Christ-Centered, Gospel-Driven Church that exist to make disciples who make disciples. To accomplish this, we believe that we must Connect with Christ and His Church, Grow in our walk with Christ, Serve Christ by serving others, Go by taking the Gospel to our homes, community, country and nations.

When we Meet

Sunday Mornings

10:00 am  S.S.
11:00 am Worship

Sunday Evenings

6:00 pm

What To Expect

Expositional  Preaching and Teaching is Bro. Phillip's preferred method of communicating the unchangeable truths of God's Word! We work through books of the Bible to ensure we are getting the "whole counsel of the word of God." In every sermon, he tries to explain what the text meant for those it was written to and what it means for us.  On some occasions, he will break from current series to preach topics expositionally, but for the most part, you always know what book and what passage we’ll be studying. 
We believe the primary purpose of the Lord's Day service is for believers of Peerless to gather for the purpose of worshiping Jesus. As one part of that worship, we sing. Our worship style would be classified as a blended style. Our worship team strives to lead God's people to worship Christ with "hymns, songs, and spiritual songs," as outlined in Scripture. Regular prayer and Scripture reading is also a part of our service.

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